Marco + Felipe

When couples think about getting married, a flurry of illusions and dreams immediately come to their minds, but when they think about the engagement, the perfect setting and the dreamy movie scene and the goal of making this the most unforgettable moment of their lives, these illusions and dreams turn into uncertainty and fear…. Where to start? What to do? Who can help me with this?

In Planner, we help our clients create that special moment according to their wishes and budget. We love engagements because they are stories that will be told over and over again and a moment that couples will remember for the rest of their lives.

Our clients Marco & Felipe represent the NATURE OF LOVE. This journey begin when Felipe contact us to help him plan this magical moment. This was the story: We reach Marco with the excuse of a same sex couple photo shooting. He has delighted with the idea and automatically agrees to come to Bogotá for the weekend. We had our video and production team ready, the rings, the outfits and props to pop the question!

While they were in the middle of the photos, Felipe grabs a prop that says, “Will you marry me?” and brings it up… Marco thought it was part of the production but when Felipe opened the box and sees the rings he realized it was real and it just became the most magical moment. Champagne, tears and love was in the air.

Thank you Marco & Felipe for letting us be part of your story and of this moment that will be in our hearts forever!


Juanita Suzunaga

Head Wedding Planner